Saturday, 25 June 2011

fame at last?

This afternoon I happened to be visiting the in-laws. Mum mentioned she'd read about a local yarnbomb in the free paper 'the sentinel advertiser' on Thursday. Cue mum digging through the recycling bin so I could have a read. I couldn't quite believe it but it was a little article about us! The lizard and chain had been spotted. They'd obviously used the Qr code we leave on our bombs and got to this blog through it. It's nice to know they work. Hopefully the sentinel will be keeping an eye out for more stuff? Maybe a photo soon? We'd have to be anonymous in it though. Don't want to go blowing our cover now! Balaclavas anyone? Here's the article in all its glory.......

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fredbear on holiday....

Spring hill in Nailsworth has a smiley happy phonebox thanks to Fredbear. She was on a little break and couldn't resist doing a little tag out of our 'area' LOL
Looks great doesn't it?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A hospital tag for International Yarn Bombing Day!

Who'd have thought a sunflower on a hospital sign would ever happen?! Even at the end of her shift it was still there. Maybe it'll make people smile on the way to Xray? We hope so!

International Yarn Bombing Day

Two of us (and a small army of hubby and kids!) had a great time in Hanley, Stoke on Trent, today. We parked at the bottom end of town and began our stealth mode ascent into town. Beginning at the Potteries Museum was a good tactic. We thought that a bench needed a special touch right outside. Maybe weary travellers coming to veiw the Staffordshire Hoard could have a little rest and a smile before entering the 'free' museum? A lizard now takes pride of place on the arm of the bench with a little tag at the other end for company.......

We made our way through the seated area at the back of the Bethseda Chapel. There stands a beautiful statue of mother and child. Yarnsy (one of our taggers) had a made a chain. This would be the perfect place for it. Maybe to signify the 'soft chains of motherhood' or 'the chains that bind all mothers together' or maybe just to make someone smile!

From there we did a little cream tag on some railings.....
and a couple of phone boxes....

 These phone boxes were not as difficult to finish. We had as much time as we wanted and plenty of cover. The glass on the phone booths had posters on that hid us really well.
The tree bands that we did were the most fun! In broad daylight with passers by puzzling, the sun shining and us laughing! I can't wait until we hit the road with a full tree cosy. We just need to find a good tree. Maybe you have one near you? Let us know....

 This one sits outside a coffe bar, near to MacDonalds. Right after we'd done it a guy stood looking at it whilst eating his sausage roll. That made US smile!
I'm hoping that this one will be adopted and looked after by the chaity shop we put it in front of. Who knows though? They might not even be there tomorrow!

My personal favourite of the day was this bobbly rectangle. We always buy a big issue from Dave who stands here. We made him laugh when he saw what we were up to. A passer buy commented on it before it was even stitched on. She said, 'What a great idea! Much nicer than the usual rubbish!' When I told her it was grafitti for ladies she laughed loudly and exclaimed,'Its about time we had something!!'

Another couple.......

One donated by a friend. A neat bunch of 3 flags.

A cute little band around a great lampost....

Friday, 10 June 2011

Small tags

We do lots of teeny tiny tags too. Much harder to spot, but there are lots of them around. Telephone boxes, bins, even your windscreen wipers aren't safe from our hooks and needles! Smaller tags are much easier to tie on. They can be carried around in a pocket and attached at the right place in seconds without arousing any suspicion.......

These bins are in a sad lonely place. Passers by hardly notice until they
drop in their dog poop bags! We can even make people smile when they're
doing a rubbish job!

Look out for small tags on your car too. Nowhere is safe ;0)

Westport lake

Today on an old delapidated bench there sprung a bit of colour. An unknown shooper was out feeding the ducks and saw an opportunity to make someone smile. Tomorrow it might be a conversation starter. Maybe someone will touch it, stroke it. Children may laugh about it, others may puzzle over it. It may be taken away. Who knows? For a moment though someone is smiling about it and so the mission is complete.