Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Eve....

This was our first evening yarn bomb as a big group. First a couple gathered in the dark, then a couple more until we were around ten strong and armed with all kinds of love!

Twas the night before Valentines when all through the town,
women were gathering, tying stuff down.....
The lovehearts were hung all around the trees with care.
We're hoping the dustmen will leave them all there.

The children all asleep, so out snook the mums.
armed with some yarn to go meet their chums.
All wearing gloves to keep ourselves warm
freezing it was! But a break from the norm.

Not a pedestrian was watching, nor walker in their fleece.
No one even waved.....apart from the police!
The moon hid away as the rain was so dull
but it didn't put us off hanging our wool.

We'd knitted and crocheted and now it was done
We'd all had a laugh and smiled, it was fun!

So here are the finished articles. We hope you had a love filled day with your better half, friends or just your thoughts. Maybe you could visit our little shrine of loveliness and share a kiss? Happy Valentines Day xx

These concrete balls are around waist height. They look so much better now they're loved up!

The fluffy yarn on this lampost is lush.

Here is where the action happened.

Rows and rows. Some yarn and lots of sewing!

Even the trees didn't get away unscathed.

These decorative railings had been crying out for something.

This was the very last heart to go up. Pretty ribbons. Lovely.